Warm bodies reading books.

For some reason I’ve always had issues with creative people (of all sorts) who seek money from others in order to create whatever it is they intend to create—to fund their dreams. That’s why this indie book was fully funded by yours truly. For me it was simply the right way to go. But now’s the time when I do want people to put their good money on the table, to buy A Bigger Piece of Blue. And the equation centers on my having offered something of value in the first place, resulting in a square deal. Yet a small part of me feels shy about asking for the sale. All I know for sure is, a lot of books gotta get sold before this becomes a break-even proposition. Given this reality, I should note that any bookstore in the nation could order the book through their normal distributors. All you have to do is ask them to get it.  Yes, the money stuff is cold reality. But for me the best currency is warm bodies reading my book. #mswl 


Dan Cox