Five stars from Readers' Favorite.

This 5-star review is from Readers' Favorite:

A Bigger Piece of Blue by Dan T. Cox is a collection of short stories that incorporate the experiences of characters going through different challenges in their lives, and which touch on love, family relations, making life-changing decisions and experiencing resulting consequences. The writer emphasizes the impact of decisions we make in everyday life, and their impact in our lives as illustrated in the first story, A Bigger Piece of Blue, where Creighton Bliss chooses to be with his love, Ella, and she chooses him too. From the beginning of their lives together, Ella feels she can count on Bliss and chooses to meet him every day. Years pass and the love they share grows even stronger. 

Writing with tact and precision, Dan T. Cox presents the subtle truth of real life, exploring the imperfection of each person in the stories contained in A Bigger Piece of Blue. This unpretentious way of writing makes the characters believable and enhanced my ability to identify with each of them. Dan T. Cox does a great job in creating vivid characters whose stories left a deep impression on me, such as in Night Paving, where Elsie Bly ponders on the thought of her death and becomes convinced that not even her own father, Frank, would grieve if she died. Additionally, In All New Dancers, Celia cannot even consider going back to her father to ask for help in her time of need. Each scene is gripping and contains incredible depth.

Overall, the book is well-written and recommended for any reader with a love for short stories.


Dan Cox